Profiling (C8)

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Profiling is only allowed in certain cases. Participants who have followed this section know what profiling entails, in which cases profiling is allowed under which conditions, and which procedures and measures must be taken to comply with the rules set by the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Teacher: Philip Cote.

The participants in the module are able to set up the privacy policy and compliance policy in such a way that and to assess whether the conditions in this regard are met. The controller will also have to adapt its information policy to the GDPR and record the evidence in such a way that it can demonstrate that it complies with the GDPR.



  • Profiling in practice;
  • Profiling (prohibition) under the Dutch Wbp;
  • Profiling (prohibition) under the GDPR;


After registration you will have direct access to the module in our learning environment. Here you can register for a workshop of your choice. The self-study takes about 16 hours, the workshop takes about 4 hours and the final exam takes about 2 hours.


  • January 26, 2022


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