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Cedeo’s customer satisfaction survey takes place every two years. We have taken the time to summarize the research. Duthler Academy is doing well on all fronts, the report shows. Very nice to read and certainly something to be proud of.

The research

There are an estimated 8,500 commercial training institutions in the Netherlands that offer a multitude of tailor-made and open courses. For many training officers, this enormous offer forms an unclear and, in a qualitative sense, unfathomable whole. In addition, there are several thousand organizations that focus on the broad field of organizational advice, legal advice and intensive guidance through coaching.

In order to provide insight into institutes that have demonstrably provided courses, training, education, organizational advice or coaching to the satisfaction of companies and organizations, Cedeo conducts customer satisfaction surveys among purchasers of these services. At present, some 800 institutes have been selected in this way on the basis of market valuation and included in the Cedeo database.

Preliminary stage

Research shows that students and relations are satisfied with the preliminary phase of Duthler Academy. Most of the respondents ended up at Duthler Academy on the advice of colleagues or colleagues: “A colleague had very positive stories about the Data Protection Officer Training Program and that made me enthusiastic to also follow a training at this institution”.

A few referees ended up at Duthler Academy by searching the internet for a suitable training institution: “I soon found out that Duthler Academy is the established name in this field. After some informative telephone conversations, I was convinced that Duthler Academy was the right choice for me”.

The way in which one can register for the various courses is also satisfactory, this has not led to any problems for any of the referees: “The registration itself was simply done digitally and after that there were some verbal contact moments to get things done. to vote”.

Training program

The respondents are just as satisfied with the training program of Duthler Acadeny as with the preliminary phase, everyone gives a score “satisfied”.

This is motivated as follows: “All information about the courses can be found on the website of Duthler Academy. Everything is presented in a clear and orderly manner so that you really get a good idea of ​​the content of the training” and “In addition to the clear information on the Duthler site, I was also personally informed about interesting matters. I had regular contact with a friendly employee who was well informed and prepared me well for the training”.

These quotes are a good representation of how the interviewees think about the training program. They also indicate that the prices are known in advance: “This can also be found on the website, but is also recorded in writing so that everything is clear in advance”.


All referees are satisfied with the way in which Duthler Academy has implemented the various training courses. Twenty-five percent of them even give the highest possible score of “very satisfied”. For all respondents, the implementation met the expectations that had been raised in advance. This applies to both the expectations in terms of level and the expectations with regard to clarity, depth and the theoretical and practical content of the training.

One of the referees explains: “This training is really extraordinarily good. Developed by experts in the field, the topics are extremely practical. In addition, the entire training is also simply of a high level”. Another respondent says about this: “I am very enthusiastic about the training. The combination of good and interesting theory with current cases is very pleasant. I also just benefit from it in my work, I can already apply a lot and other things are just good for my overall professional knowledge”.

The other interviewees have similar comments; they are all very enthusiastic about the way Duthler Academy delivers the training.


The trainers deployed by Duthler Academy are also to the satisfaction of the respondents, everyone is “satisfied” to “very satisfied” with this. Among other things, it is said that the teachers are very professional and that they know a lot about things.

One of the referees adds: “Precisely because the teachers themselves have gained a lot of practical experience, they know what is relevant. In addition, they are also just very good at communicating this to us as a participant in an understandable way. This combination makes me very satisfied with the Duthler teachers Academy”.

Another respondent would like to mention that he likes it very much that the teachers are easily accessible: “You can always ask questions and the response is almost always very quick. That is nice if you are busy, that you receive a quick answer and can continue”.

Training material

All participants in this study are satisfied with the material provided by Duthler Academy. They talk about links to interesting websites and other sources and various online documents.

One of the interviewees sometimes finds the material somewhat comprehensive and therefore unclear, but that is no reason for him to give a neutral score. He thinks the level of the material is good and that is the most important thing for this referent. The other respondents cite the material as “relevant”, “current and interesting” and “much but complete”. That explains their positive opinion on this subject.


The accommodation used by Duthler Academy is according to the referees’ wishes. This becomes clear from a number of quotes: “The location is not only beautiful but also very suitable for this purpose. The attractive place and the pleasant atmosphere are a good start to a successful meeting”,“I have no complaints, I am only positive about the training location ”and“The space was beautiful, everything you would expect was there. Much-needed snacks and drinks had also been thought of. That makes a training day complete for me”. These quotes are a good representation of how respondents think about the accommodation used. This is also an explanation for the high scores; everyone is satisfied or even very satisfied with this subject.

After trajectory

Not all referees can comment on the follow-up process. Sometimes because the contacts with Duthler Academy are maintained by a colleague and sometimes because the training was not fully completed at the time this research was carried out.

The respondents who are able / willing to give an opinion about the follow-up trajectory at Duthler Academy are unanimous in their assessment, they are satisfied with this. One of them says: “Overall, I am very satisfied, I learned a lot from it and I really achieved all the learning goals that I had set for myself in advance”. Another satisfied participant says on the same subject: “The trainers have clearly indicated that we can contact them if we still encounter certain issues. That will make this very accessible. I have not (yet) used it myself, but it is just nice to know that it is possible. That is sufficient follow-up for me”.

Organization and Administration

As with the previous topic, not every sponsor can say something about the organization and administration at Duthler Academy because they themselves were not directly involved: “My colleague has taken this on. I have not heard any complaints but I am not sure. That is why I like to refrain from making a judgment here”. The other interviewees think that Duthler Academy has arranged matters well on an administrative and organizational level.

None of them have encountered any problems here. “I think Duthler is a pleasant partner to work with. They are easily accessible, friendly and helpful where necessary, ”Said one of the satisfied referees. The other referees endorse this, they further say that Duthler Academy is very professional but, according to one of them: “in a personal way ”. “The way in which all the restrictions imposed in connection with Covid-19 were handled also testify to flexibility and professionalism, ”said another respondent.

Relationship management

The referees who can say something about the way in which Duthler Academy maintains relationship management are without exception positive. For the other respondents, this management is maintained by someone else or there is no relationship management. One of the satisfied referees says: “Fortunately, I am not inundated with information or spam. If I want something, I know where to find them and that is respected. I would describe this relationship as a warm business relationship and those are the best relationships as far as I am concerned”. The other referees endorse this. One of them adds: “I will be kept informed by e-mail about developments that are interesting for me. When I was still allowed, I was regularly invited to certain events”.

Value for money

Only four respondents have an idea of ​​the price and can therefore say something about the price-quality ratio at Duthler Academy. They are all satisfied to very satisfied with this. One of them puts it like this: “The price fits well with what is on offer. They are high-quality courses and they come with a corresponding price tag. I think that is only reasonable”. The other referees have similar comments, in particular the high level is often mentioned here as a justification for the, according to them, quite decent price.

Conclusion of the study

The results of this research are positive for the Duthler Academy programs. Referees are very pleased with the quality of the training followed and everything that comes with it: “Organizational it runs smoothly, but also the content of a good product is offered”. Everyone is satisfied with the collaboration with the institute: “They are easily accessible and open to suggestions. Questions are answered in a friendly manner”.

During this survey, no dissatisfied or very dissatisfied scores are given by the referees: “I am simply very satisfied with the entire process”. In particular the practical approach of the teachers is mentioned as a strength of this institute:You can only share theory but it is much more interesting to be taught by people who really know how it works and who can therefore give interesting examples. That is a reason for me to choose Duthler Academy again when this comes up”. Many of the referees share this opinion and would therefore recommend Duthler Academy to third parties without hesitation.

Based on the positive result of the Customer Satisfaction Survey conducted, the institute is allowed to use the designation “Cedeo-recognized” for a period of two years.


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