Our accreditations


The NRTO has an important role in putting private training in the Netherlands on the agenda. Quality and professionalism in the training market deserve a quality mark. A provider with the NRTO quality mark meets high quality requirements and has been tested for this by an external certification body. A provider with the NRTO quality mark is transparent about products and services, offers adequate services, has professional dealings with customers, has expert staff and measures customer satisfaction.

Duthler Academy stands for high-quality training. This includes Cedeo certification. Cedeo is the independent certification body for organizations active in the field of human resources improvement. Cedeo awards the Cedeo-recognized quality mark. Cedeo does this on the basis of customer satisfaction, quality, continuity and business orientation.



As an accountant you must meet professional competence requirements. Continuing Education (CE) activities are mandatory. Permanent education aims to maintain the basic knowledge of the RA and the AA within the field in which he works and to keep up with developments within this field.

The Centraal Register Kort Beroepsonderwijs consists of a Register of Institutions and a Register of Teachers. Educational institutions are registered in the Register of Institutions that comply with the Quality Code for Training Institutions for Short Vocational Education. The Register of Teachers contains independently working teachers who comply with the Quality Code for Teachers.