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What is the ADKAR model?

It requires vision and courage from company management to initiate a change process. The ADKAR model (Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability & Reinforcement) helps companies change and provides insight into their change capacity. Awareness and knowledge building are defining parts of the model. Without awareness and knowledge building among employees, the change process will not get started.

If the management is aware of the need for change and the nature and extent of the changes are known, then the desire for the results of the change arises. Then management is prepared to facilitate the changes, be involved and ‘attach his or her name to it‘.

The change process

A change process involves employees at different organizational levels and asks each employee to go through an individualized change process. Management asks employees to embrace the change process, gain knowledge and change behavior. An employee must be able to achieve the desired level of knowledge, must be willing to implement the change and be able to demonstrate intended results. An employee’s (intended) result partly depends on the change results of other employees.

Awareness and knowledge building

Based on the collective business interest and the change capacity of employees, management will opt for coherent awareness and knowledge building. Perpetuating the results of the change takes place in the corporate culture, educating and training new employees and staying organized.

Figure 1: Training programs fit seamlessly into the ADKAR model.

What can we do for you?

We manage training programs for a number of business activities that are in line with the change phases of the ADKAR model and are based on the different roles that employees fulfill within a company. With the help of these training programs, a company organizes its business activities more effectively and cost-efficiently. An example is the training program ‘protecting personal data‘ for organizing the protection of personal data.

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