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Generic and specific training programs

Knowledge is fixed in language, symbols and metaphors. We also call this explicit knowledge. Tacit knowledge resides in the minds of employees and is of limited value to the organization and other employees.

Knowledge management is necessary to be able to share knowledge. Knowledge management depends on the intrinsic motivation of employees to acquire knowledge. Supporting companies with knowledge management is one of our activities, see: Consultancy and support.

Employees and students can perform their (future) tasks better by following training programs. The learning environment takes care of the logistics of:

  • designing, creating, managing and implementing categories of courses and programs; and
  • offering and monitoring the programs in a detailed manner within the organization.

We manage generic training programs

Our professionals develop and manage generically applicable awareness and training programs. The training programs are often aimed at implementing and being compliant with legal and contractual obligations.

Knowledge management training program

This program focuses on implementing, managing and applying generic and company-specific awareness and training programs within your organization

Training program to protect personal data

With this program we focus on the practical and well-organized effective protection of personal data within and outside your organization.

Social responsibility training program

This training program is for companies and institutions that decide to organize their accountability with the SBC Management System of SBRPowerhouse and/or the trust network of MYOBI.

Our programs use courses that are divided into categories, see courses. You can take the courses on an open registration basis for a fee. After registration, you will receive access to the courses in your personal learning environment in your company’s company-specific learning environment or via our learning environment.

Together with partners, we design, develop and manage (new) programs with courses for companies and sectors of companies. Please contact the service desk if you wish to develop generic or sectoral programs.

Manage your own specific training programs

A company can put together company-specific programs with learning paths in its company-specific learning environment for selections of internal and external employees. The (strategic) company-specific programs use courses from generic training programs and courses from our own programs. The company uses the company-specific learning environment to design, develop, maintain and apply its own programs.

Strategic business knowledge often consists of trade secrets and lives in the corporate culture. The management shares this knowledge with a select group of employees under strict conditions. The company-specific learning environment and company-specific training programs with pre-arranged learning paths for roles give company management the comfort that strategic company knowledge is used effectively and remains secret from unauthorized persons.

The learning environment facilitates your company with the following functionalities:

  • Under its own direction, the company designs, develops and manages strategic awareness and training programs. The learning paths for roles and access management of the learning environment ensure that teachers manage and try out their own programs. In the structure of the programs, the company teaches the scope and scope of the company knowledge to be released.
  • The teacher or training coordinator gives authorized employees or persons access to programs and can also revoke this access.
  • The teacher, training coordinator or compliance officer has an overview of which roles and employees have access to programs and can determine based on the logging who requests or has had access to certain programs.

Successfully implementing the outlined measures, including concluding an agreement, is sufficient to invoke the Trade Secrets Protection Act.

The result is a company-specific library with categories of courses and programs that are controlled by the training manager.

Frequently Asked Questions

Welke gedachte zit er achter de bewustwordings- en trainingsprogramma’s?

Following training requires effort and time from someone. The employee or student will only be willing to make these efforts or spend time if he or she is convinced that the training has added value. The employee or student needs an explanation of what added value the training has for him or herself, the department and for the company. The company management or department management organizes this explanation with an awareness program.

We use the ADKAR method to develop awareness and training programs. We use Bloom’s method to design a course as part of a program. A learning process starts with making the employee and student aware of the need to learn/follow a training course. The central focus is on answering the question of why the employee or student, the department or the business organization needs to change and what efforts are required to achieve this. If the awareness for change is there, the employee and student will ask for appropriate and practical training. We respond to this logical sequence with awareness and training programs.

Hoe neem ik een bewustwordings- en trainingsprogramma af?

For generic or sectoral issues, a company purchases an awareness and training program in the form of a license. The company designs, develops and applies programs for company-specific issues. Company-specific issues are often strategic in nature and management will classify them as trade secrets.

A company-specific learning environment offers company management the ability to organize knowledge management based on generic and company-specific awareness and knowledge programs.

Wie kan mij helpen om een bewustwordings- en trainingsprogramma in mijn organisatie te implementeren en te beheren?

This is a question of conscience! Knowledge management is essential for a company’s business continuity. It is a strategic interest. Company management often wishes to exercise control over knowledge management. Usually it is the training manager who controls the knowledge management.

Within the corporate culture and management framework, our professionals can help you prepare, build, manage, implement and apply your learning environment and programs.

During an initial consultation, management’s strategic frameworks for organizing knowledge management and how a company-specific learning environment with programs can support knowledge management are topics of discussion.

Hoe kan ik een bewustwordings- en trainingsprogramma zelf ontwikkelen en gebruiken binnen mijn organisatie?

Use the knowledge management program. If desired and on call based on a strip card, our professionals can consult and support you. If you purchase a company-specific learning environment, you will have access to the knowledge management program.

The starting point for designing and developing training programs are the goals within the business strategy of knowledge management: why do we need knowledge management and how are we going to organize it.

Questions? Feel free to contact us!

Do you have additional wishes? Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to answer your question or refer you to a professional who can help you further. Feel free to contact us at +31 (0) 70 392 22 09 or