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Are you aware of the latest privacy developments on a monthly basis?


Developments in data protection and privacy follow each other in rapid succession. Judgments and fines by regulators show that organizations can get into serious trouble if they fail to comply with the obligations under the GDPR. The growing number of data breaches due to ransomware and their serious consequences are forcing adequate security measures to be taken.

Organizations want to know what the consequences are of these developments for their business activities so that they can act accordingly. The need for knowledge about current affairs in the field of data protection and privacy is growing rapidly.

Current affairs data protection and privacy

Duthler Academy organizes a workshop / webinar ‘Current affairs data protection and privacy’ every month, with a corresponding module in the learning environment. The workshop and the module are renewed every quarter.

Participation in a workshop / webinar and access to the module in the learning environment costs € 500 per person (excluding VAT).

It is also possible to purchase a subscription. The subscription is € 1,800 per year per person (excluding VAT). A subscriber can participate in the latest edition of the workshop every quarter and has access to the corresponding module in the learning environment. Modules from the previous quarters will remain accessible. Duthler Academy gives a 75% discount per additional participating employee from the same organization.

Participants of the Center for Information Security and Privacy (CIP) receive an additional 15% discount on the open registration or subscription. Private individuals and government institutions are exempt from VAT.


Click here for more information and dates of the upcoming workshops / webinars. Questions? Please feel free to contact our service desk by phone 31 (0) 70 392 22 09 or e-mail: