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Developing and managing business knowledge under your own direction requires a well-thought-out approach. Business knowledge is often essential for running a successful business.

  • Lack of knowledge among internal and external employees undermines the quality of products and services and increases costs; and
  • Spreading too much knowledge helps competitors compete effectively with the company.

Control over the compilation and dissemination of business knowledge lies with the company management and (departmental) management. The tactical and operational implementation of disseminating company knowledge lies with the ‘training manager’, ‘training coordinator’ and employees themselves. The scope for advising and supporting a company or institution by our professionals must fit in with the corporate culture and business organization.

Our experience is that companies need to consult with us and want to discuss issues in the field of knowledge management with us. We are happy to share our experiences with organizing knowledge management. Our frame of reference may consist of the considerations we have made when organizing the training program ‘protecting personal data‘, the action plan and its elaboration.

Feel free to contact us to make an appointment. We are happy to answer your questions, look for the right approach and, if desired, help to realize the intended results of the plan.

Support is close by

All users of the learning environment have access to the service desk, the knowledge base and the knowledge management training program. These sources contain accessible information aimed at building, managing and applying the learning environment and training programs yourself.

The learning environment and appropriate training programs support knowledge management with which you strengthen the knowledge capacity of your company’s management and employees. Control over knowledge management processes lies with company management, ‘training manager’ and ‘training coordinators’. On call, our professionals advise the company and carry out tactical and operational tasks.

Examples of support are:

  • Setting up, managing and adapting knowledge management;
  • Setting up and expanding your learning environment, including looking at building the functional organization and applying any plug-in;
  • Developing and managing training programs (both generic and specific);
  • Advise and support the design of training programs. Issues may arise in the field of change management and didactic design; and
  • Protecting personal data, see here.

As knowledge management becomes better supported by the learning environment and training programs, the business importance of knowledge management increases. Being able to fall back on a professional organization, if desired, to keep the learning environment and training programs operational is an essential guarantee. You can deploy our professionals as a backup if your own capacity is insufficient.

Do you have questions or need an appointment?

Do you have additional wishes? Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to answer your question or refer you to a professional who can help you further. Feel free to contact us at +31 (0) 70 392 22 09 or