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View our training programs here. Our training programs range from data protection, privacy and information security to legal operations and compliance. Would you like to meet our teachers and team? Get to know them here.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact our servicedesk via servicedesk@duthleracademy.nl or +31 (0) 70 392 22 09.

Data Protection & Information security

Would you like to learn more about data protection, privacy and information security? View our programs on data protection, privacy and information security here.

Legal Operations & Smart Contracting

Would you like to learn more about legal operations and smart contracting? View our programs related to legal operations, contract management and smart contracting here.

Awareness Programs

Do you want the workplace to be aware of data protection, privacy and cybersecurity? View our awareness programs here. These programs have been specially developed for the workplace.

Power Training

Do you want to be fully informed in a short time? View our power training programs in the field of data protection, privacy and legal operations here.

A change process: learning to change

As part of knowledge development and awareness, Duthler Academy provides logistics for companies, if desired, using a company-specific learning environment with role-driven education and training programs aimed at effectively organising business activities.

Duthler Academy creates company-specific learning environments for companies and institutions (hereinafter companies) on its Learning Management System (LMS), Moodle Workplace.

Consult our knowledge base

We have a knowledge base available for individuals and companies interested in our training programs.

News and announcements

We regularly publish news about the Duthler Academy.

Fine Booking.com for late reporting of data breach

Reason Booking.com has been fined € 475,000 by the Dutch Data Protection Authority (DDPA) for...

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Customer Satisfaction Survey Duthler Academy

Cedeo’s customer satisfaction survey takes place every two years. We have taken the time to...

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Are you aware of the latest privacy developments on a monthly basis?

Situation Developments in data protection and privacy follow each other in rapid succession. Judgments and...

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New training portal Duthler Academy

We are very happy to announce that from now on the Duthler Academy training portal...

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