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We are proud of our accreditations. We are NRTO, Cedeo, CRKBO and NVvPO accredited.

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20 year experience

Highly experienced lecturers with wide knowledge on legal, governance & compliance and privacy.

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Wide range of training

Wide range of training programs in terms of legal, compliance and privacy.

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Our training programs

We develop and manage role-driven education and training programs. With the help of these programs, the company can organize awareness and knowledge development for its employees for specific business activities.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact our servicedesk via servicedesk@duthleracademy.nl or +31 (0) 70 392 22 09.

Privacy and information security

The management of a company organizes awareness and knowledge development for the staff for privacy and information security with the help of this program. The staff consists of all roles within a company that are (must) be involved in the effective organization of privacy and information security.

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Legal operations

Organizing sufficient awareness and knowledge about the contract cycle among the employees of partners is a precondition for this. With the help of this program, the management of a company organizes awareness and knowledge development among employees for organizing an effective corporate legal operations.

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Knowledge management

To successfully implement changes in the market and legislation, employees must have sufficient knowledge. The role-driven development of the necessary knowledge among employees is central to this programme.

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Trust Network and Accountability

The management of a company organizes awareness and knowledge development for the staff for the trust network and accountability with the help of this program.

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A change process: learning to change

As part of knowledge development and awareness, Duthler Academy provides logistics for companies, if desired, using a company-specific learning environment with role-driven education and training programs aimed at effectively organising business activities.

Duthler Academy creates company-specific learning environments for companies and institutions (hereinafter companies) on its Learning Management System (LMS), Moodle Workplace.

News and announcements

We regularly publish news about the Duthler Academy.

Congratulations Paul Schokker on completing the DPO training program!

Wij feliciteren Paul Schokker met het afronden van de opleiding FG bij Duthler Academy! Gisteren...

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DPO, what are you going to do with it? Quality title for the DPO: the Register DPO

Door: Caroline Willemse met bijdragen van deelnemers van de werkgroep Ethiek. Borging van kwaliteit van...

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Privacy current affairs and start with the DPO Training

Actualiteiten gegevensbescherming en privacy Er is weer een nieuwe cursus actualiteiten gegevensbescherming en privacy gepland!...

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Fine Booking.com for late reporting of data breach

Reason Booking.com has been fined € 475,000 by the Dutch Data Protection Authority (DDPA) for...

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