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Data Protection Officer (DPO) Register

The Data Protection Officer (DPO) Register is the register of Duthler Academy. The register includes prospective DPOs (AFG) and certified DPOs (RFG). Prospective DPOs follow the DPO Training Program and have passed exams in a minimum number of modules. Certified DPOs have already successfully completed the DPO Training and are following the PE program.

The DPO Register of Duthler Academy is a public register and therefore has a different character from the internal DPO register of the Dutch Data Protection Authority, which keeps track of which DPOs have been registered there.

Prospective or certified DPOs can also be side entrants who, for example, have previously taken an IAPP CIPP / E exam.

DPO RegistrantAspirant/Certified
Peters (John)Aspirant
Cramer (Marlous)Aspirant
Geurts (Rob)Certified
Drs A Fuldauer (Anat)Certified
van Geenen (Arthur)Aspirant
de Jager (Paul)Certified
Blufpand (Annerine)Certified
Boudens (Robert)Aspirant
Drs. van der Togt (Remko)Aspirant
Wortel (Remco)Aspirant
van Rongen (Jeroen)Aspirant
de Vries (Afke)Certified
Bakker-Kempen (Sylvia)Aspirant
Mr. Grevenstette (Rody)Aspirant
van Meerveld (Diana)Certified
van Zutphen (Rob)Aspirant
Meijer (Anita)Certified
Hoogstrate (Samantha)Aspirant
mr. R. Huisman (Rinko)Certified
MSc van den Beld (Erik)Certified
B ICT JAHF van Can (Jeroen)Certified
Hesselmans (Harriette)Certified
Lai (Marjoleine)
Arnaud De Calavon (Annemarie)Certified
Eckhardt (Sjoerd)Aspirant
Trommelen (Toine)Aspirant
van Vulpen (Jan)Aspirant
de Graaf-Klunder (Janine)Aspirant
Colthoff (Matthijs)Aspirant
Schreuder (Frans)Certified
Verwoerd (Jan)Aspirant
Willemse (Caroline)Certified
Bosman (Chris)Certified
mr. Duthler (Ans)Certified
MSc A.C.M. Boumans (Ad)Aspirant
Kramer (Jan)Aspirant
drs. H.E.W. Stevens (Erik)Aspirant
van Houten (Reinier)Aspirant
van Galen (Reijer)Certified
Pietjouw (Rob)Aspirant
Steenbergen (Karin)Aspirant
Zwenne (Margreet)Certified
FFP MFP J.A.M. Nijskens (Jos)Aspirant
Coral (Rob)Aspirant
I.A.C. van Balveren (Ruud)Certified
Ing, RFG JHJ van der Heijden (Anneke)Certified
RFG RA H.G. van der Linde (Henk)Certified
van der Haagen (Marcel)Certified
mr. MBA Coté (Philip)Certified
mr. dr. A.W. Duthler (Anne-Wil)Certified
Drs. RE RA A.J. Biesheuvel (André)Certified
drs. Gert Jan van den Bosch RFGCertified
Carla AdenAspirant
Kramer (Kristian)Certified
Emile MeulemansCertified