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Retaining and passing on knowledge through Noordzee Ameland

Who is Noordzee Ameland?

Noordzee Ameland rents holiday homes and country houses to guests for up to 12 people on the beautiful Wadden island of Ameland. Guests enjoy the flora and fauna of the island, the beautiful holiday homes in unique locations and the dedicated service. The company has been around for more than 25 years.

Jetse Biesheuvel recently started managing the company. He looks to the future and innovates. He focuses on the guest experience and effective collaboration with employees and suppliers.

The challenge

The knowledge and skills for properly serving guests had hardly been recorded in the past. Instructions were given verbally to employees and there were Word documents stored on a USB stick somewhere. New employees and suppliers were thrown into the deep end and had to figure it out for themselves. The result was that mistakes were made and irritation arose.

The challenge for management: ‘how can knowledge be built up among internal and external employees within six months, distributed efficiently and frustrations and disappointments kept to a minimum?

This challenge includes a number of frameworks:

  • Employees make and break a company. Finding and retaining the right employees is a critical success factor for business operations;
  • Using a successful business concept strengthens the competitive position. We cherish the business concept; we consider it a trade secret; and
  • The costs of building up and controlled distribution of knowledge and experiences should not cost too much.

After a selection process, Noordzee Ameland recently started using Moodle Workplace as a learning management system (LMS) for recording and distributing knowledge to internal and external employees. The high quality, flexibility and low costs were reasons to choose Moodle Workplace.

Why Moodle Workplace?

It quickly became clear that Moodle offers an accessible platform with high quality and flexibility. This is exactly what Noordzee Ameland was looking for. Duthler Academy uses an approach that appealed to Noordzee Ameland: ‘the highest quality, for the lowest price’. In addition to the high quality and low price, the vision on building, passing on and retaining knowledge was very appealing. This is based on the so-called ADKAR model.

Collaboration with Duthler Academy

Noordzee Ameland has been using Moodle Workplace for about 3 months now and is steadily building up its programs and training. Noordzee Ameland periodically contacts Duthler Academy about progress and makes adjustments where necessary. Noordzee Ameland currently has 10 users, 1 tenant, 10 courses and 100 test questions.

The next goal is to use Moodle Worplace for the guests. Think of information sheets about the equipment in the homes, explaining where the waste bins and containers are located, tips about Ameland, featured restaurants and entertainment venues, events on Ameland, and so on.