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Duthler Academy facilitates CIP members with knowledge and skills

‘Working together on information security and privacy protection’

Center for Information Security and Privacy Protection (CIP) is a public-private network organization consisting of Participants and Knowledge Partners. Knowledge partners are market parties who are bound by a covenant to the CIP and have committed a number of hours in the collaboration. Partners affiliated with CIP work on the basis of “for all, by all”.

Duthler Associates has been a knowledge partner of CIP since the foundation of the platform. Duthler Academy, part of Duthler Associates and founded in 2014, is a leading training institute in the field of legal, complianc, data protection and privacy.

Integral training package

The protection of personal data mainly requires a change in behavior among the employees of an organization. When processing personal data by a controller, the individual is central and the individual has the direction and control over their own personal data. If the individual exercises these rights, a shift in the paradigm of the processing of personal data and information provision arises for the controller. Recognizing this starts with knowledge and understanding.

Awareness Raising

The English text of Article 39 of the European General Data Protection Regulation (Avg), “awareness-raising and training of staff”, refers to knowledge development and awareness-raising. Duthler Academy has linked its training package to this.

The integrated training package can provide the different layers in an organization with knowledge and experience. The DPO Training Program is specifically intended for the data controller, such as the DPO, DPO or privacy officer. The three-day company training on data protection focuses on knowledge development among key officers and management and the awareness raising program is intended for all employees who deal with personal data in their daily work.

Layers within the organization

An organization only needs one or two DPOs. We find key officers and employees in the primary and secondary business processes, who will identify most data leaks and incidents.

It is effective and cost-efficient for an organization that the development and building of knowledge and awareness in the various layers are mutually coordinated. This starts with an up-to-date and sector-specific legal framework and baseline, which ultimately results in the ability to professionally shape accountability. The mutual coordination also relates to using the same definitions of concepts in the organization, identifying and dealing with incidents and data leaks, and responding to data subjects who exercise their rights.

This integrated approach is dynamic. New interpretations of laws and regulations by judges and supervisors as well as more appropriate measures are added to the training package. The employees therefore keep access to the knowledge via the e-learning environment of Duthler Academy.


With the training package, a participant has the opportunity to demonstrably and continuously train its employees. Evidence of the effective operation of awareness-raising efforts can be submitted to the supervisor. The learning materials are aimed at the target groups and with this the costs can be kept low.

Our training offer

CIP and Duthler Academy have agreed that participants of CIP can use the entire training offer of Duthler Academy at a substantial discount (15%). Duthler Academy is an NRTO accredited training institute. As a result, the services of Duthler Academy are exempt from VAT.


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