Ans Duthler

Background and introduction

Ans graduated law at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Before joining Duthler Associates in 2014, she was employed by a legal service provider and ran her legal consultancy firm. Ans is a senior legal consultant and the Duthler Academy’s manager. She is a member of the Data Protection Officer’s examination board.

As a Duthler Associate’s legal professional, she is involved in organising the clients’ legal operations effectively using smart contracting, maintaining generic contract portfolios and role-specific education and training portfolio’s, conducting assessments, maintaining company-specific contract portfolios and professionally involved in contract negotiations and contract management. Various companies appointed Ans as their external Data Protection Officer, and she coaches other professionals in that role.

Ans is accountable for the Duthler Academy’s operation. She manages the teachers and reviews the portfolios’ and courses’ curriculums.

At the Duthler Academy, she is a teacher for privacy and data protection and legal operations. Ans is a specialist in in-house training staff and employees where she deploys the company-specific learning environment with applicable role-driven education and training portfolios. Together with others, Ans develops the role-driven training and education portfolios aimed at effectively organizing generic business activities. For example, there are the education and training portfolios for data protection and information security and the portfolio corporate legal function.

Titles and certificates

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Involvement Duthler Academy

Ans is a Duthler Academy’s lecturer for various legal courses. You can meet her at training courses about handling security incidents or organising the company legal operations effectively.

She keeps track and studies national and international jurisprudence and rulings of data protection supervisors. With this knowledge, Ans compiles and presents the current affairs of data protection quarterly. Also, she uses the knowledge for modifying the Duthler Academy’s training. Just as valuable to her are the students’ contacts and interactions and the customers’ exchange of experiences.

Experience has shown that well-trained staff is necessary for the continuity of an organisation’s business operations and successfully changing business activities and processes. It’s about integral and role-driven employees’ awareness-raising and knowledge building. Duthler Academy’s awareness-raising and training services focus on organising the business processes and change processes effectively.

This requires education and training based on the different roles that employees fulfill within an organization. Duthler Academy develops and manages these role-driven education and training for organizing generic business activities of customers using a company-specific learning environment. Making the role-driven training specific with the customers and then applying them and taking them under management by departments of companies is very motivating.

Not only customers see the added value of these education and training portfolios, the professionals of Duthler Associates and Duthler Academy also continuously follow education and training that suit their position. The intention is that employees will eventually transfer the knowledge gained themselves.

Contribution to training courses, workshops & portfolios

See an overview of the training courses in which Ans is involved: