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Duthler Academy stands for high-quality training. This includes Cedeo certification. Cedeo is the independent certification body for organizations active in the field of human resources improvement. Cedeo awards the Cedeo-recognized quality mark. Cedeo does this on the basis of customer satisfaction, quality, continuity and business orientation.

Cedeo conducts an independent participant survey every two years in order to maintain the training mark. During this survey, more than 80 percent of the participants surveyed must rate the training with an 8.0 or higher. Overall, the participants of Duthler Academy are satisfied or very satisfied with the courses.

Statements about the Duthler Academy


“I was really surprised, it had so much depth.”


Top speakers with their own vision of privacy legislation and The lecturer discussed the consequences that the legislation can have for daily practice, which made it a very useful meeting for me.

Value for money

Excellent ratio, low price for a top meeting!

The following offer is recognized by Cedeo:

  • Data Protection Officer (DPO) Training Program | Duthler Academy 2019/2020 (120 CE-points).
  • Company Training Data | Duthler Academy | 2019/2020 (21 CE-punten);