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Frequently Asked Questions

In conversations with company employees, we receive common questions that we elaborate in this FAQ.

Frequently asked questions about Duthler Academy

Frequently asked questions about the company-specific learning environment

Wat is de toegevoegde waarde van een bedrijfsspecifieke leeromgeving en waarom gebruikt Duthler Academy daarvoor Moodle Workplace? 

Duthler Academy uses Moodle Workplace as a supporting IT platform for the company-specific learning environment because Moodle Workplace is flexible, robust and secure. Moodle and the Moodle community continue to improve the learning platform. Duthler Academy and its partner eFaktor have provided the platform with coherent roles, assessed which apps are robust to use and have set up demonstrably solid hosting and an approachable service desk. The result is a powerful, flexible and secure platform for company-specific learning environments that allows companies to organize the development and retention of company knowledge effectively and at modest costs.

Zijn integraties met een bedrijfsspecifieke leeromgeving mogelijk? 

Yes. In collaboration with eFaktor, we have created a selection of integrations using interfaces with Moodle Workplace. In addition, REST interfaces with business systems are possible.

The effective protection of personal data, information security and the continuity of the company-specific learning environment can be influenced by integrations. It is a good idea to contact the service desk in advance if you want to integrate Moodle Workplace with a business system.

Frequently asked questions about the awareness and training programs