Trust Network and Accountability

MYOBI offers users the opportunity to introduce themselves, under direction, to partners with company and personal data. In exchange for demonstrably and permanently informing partners how the company is legally structured, who the authorized representatives are and to whom tasks have been delegated with which powers, the company also wishes to be kept informed by its (potential) partners. This, managed and shared information position makes doing business simple and effective.

This program forms a foundation for other programs of the trust services.

Knowledge Management

We can propose knowledge management as follows. An employee shows intrinsic motivation by proactively contributing to knowledge building. By making implicit operational knowledge explicit and using it for organizing the trust network and accountability.

An overview can be found below. The reputation manager oversees the company. One of the most important tasks of the reputation manager is to educate and raise awareness among employees about the network of trust and accountability. The reputation manager can do this through this program.

Training Program Reputation Manager

Professional training within departments

Initiate and expand awareness