Rody Grevenstette

Rody studied Dutch law at the Erasmus University Rotterdam and at Leiden University. After working at several bailiff offices, he made the switch to Duthler Associates in 2017 and started training as Data Protection Officer at the Duthler Academy.

Since 2018 Rody has worked at First Lawyers, first as a legal counsel and then as a lawyer. He was sworn in as a lawyer on February 22, 2019. As a lawyer for First Lawyers, he supports clients with ‘traditional’ issues by, among other things, using legal tech and applying the newest insights, such as smart contracting and legal operations. This allows disputes to be prevented and conflicts to be contained, so that clients can engage in their core activities rather than legal matters.

Involvement Duthler Academy

After successfully completing all the formal legal courses of the DPO-program and gaining experience in the professional field, including at (semi-) governmental institutions, Rody started as a teacher at the Duthler Academy. He teaches the formal legal, and in particular internationally oriented modules.

The relationship between the GDPR and jurisdictions outside the European Union is a topic that particularly has his attention. It turns out that issues dealing with this matter are often experienced as difficult by participants. However, the GDPR offers a toolbox for these types of issues, which toolbox turns out to be particularly practical after some guidance. Explaining the toolbox to participants and then see them solve the previously perceived difficult issues is an energising activity.

Serving as a guide in the jungle of law and explaining the logic behind law is a big motivation for Rody as a teacher. Understanding the logic behind the law is the first step to getting a grip on and applying the law.

However, the teaching position at Duthler Academy is more than that for Rody, the knife cuts on both sides. The interaction with participants not only benefits the participants, it also ensures new and sharpened insights for him as a teacher and as a person, so that there is mutual personal growth, which growth also influences the content of the taught modules.

Contribution to training courses, workshops & portfolios

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