Operation of measures and mechanisms

With formal – legal knowledge, insight into the position and tasks, powers and responsibilities of the data protection officer (DPO) as well as giving substance to the principles of accountability and auditability, in which governance and compliance play an important role, the student will subsequently have the rights of parties involved and obligations of controllers must be further specified. How can the rights and obligations be implemented in concrete terms? What are possible measures, mechanisms and procedures to be taken? Which roles can be distinguished within a (privacy) organization?

How do I position the information security policy and relate it to the privacy policy as well as the compliance policy? How do I ensure that personal data is not kept longer than necessary for the purpose for which they are processed? What is meant by “lifecycle privacy protection management” and how can I flesh that out?

In cluster C, the GDPR and related privacy legislation are translated into practical control measures in the organization. Tools are provided to embed privacy regulations in the organization. And – and this is perhaps the biggest challenge – how do I ensure an adequate control loop in which the responsible person is accountable and auditable?

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