What do you get?

Company-Specific Learning Environment

Every MYOBI user receives a number of training services from the Duthler Academy. These training services are necessary to build and manage the company-specific learning environment (hereinafter: learning environment).

The services are:

  1. A learning environment with role-driven education and training programs;
  2. The company organises its knowledge management effectively using the learning environment’s roles;
  3. The ‘training manager’ manages the company’s hierarchy of organisational units, departments and roles. The department’s ‘training coordinators’ link staff to roles;
  4. TheĀ  learning environment connects to the company’s information ecosystem on the ‘Trust Network’. Now data from authentic sources (for instance the Dutch Chambers of Commerce) or data from company’s ledgers are available for the company-specific learning environment’s logistics;
  5. The company’s ‘educationalist’ compiles, manages and applies company’s education and training programs on various levels for internal use;
  6. There is a company’s and staff’s overview and insight into knowledge buildup, progress and statistics. The company’s management have from different perspectives the statistics for being accountable for knowledge management
  7. The programs are consumed at the office and/or online;
  8. SCROM and other standards enabled; and
  9. Multilingual and have your own corporate identity.

Duthler Academy supports companies with a service desk, a role-driven education and training program ‘knowledge management‘ and, if desired, professional commitment on demand.


We are happy to demonstrate the learning environment to you or to discuss additional requirements and wishes with you. Please contact sales.