What are the benefits?

Company-Specific Learning Environment

Training employees is necessary

Organising effective business activities require employees’ efforts necessary. These efforts are not a one-off. It is a continuous process of awareness-raising, knowledge building and redesigning business operations. There are various reasons for the change. Legal and contractual obligations changing constantly, suppliers introduce better means of organising business activities, and the competition introduces better products and services on the market. Well-trained employees are necessary for organising and executing ever-changing business activities.

The right knowledge and logistics

Company-specific learning environment’s logistics and role-driven education and training programs supply the company with tools moderating staff’s continuous need for awareness-raising and knowledge buildup. The logistics fulfil the employees’ training need at the right time with the right awareness and knowledge improvement. The role-driven program fulfils the employees’ need for recognising daily practice. The process of knowledge building is one step ahead of the intended changes in organising business activities.

What are the benefits?

The benefits are:

  1. An overview and insight into employees’ specific roles and level of knowledge for the company’s business activities;
  2. Based upon assessments’ outcomes, the employee and company’s management determine the personalised need for awareness-raising and knowledge buildup;
  3. Role-driven education and training programs are developed, managed and applied in a user-friendly and effective manner. By using these programs in the company-specific learning environment, the level of knowledge among employees is maintained, the organisation of business activities is more effective, and the process of re-organising business activities will be more successful;
  4. The company’s management accountability for organising the right level of knowledge for organisational units, departments, roles and in particular employees is manageable and demonstrable;
  5. Staff’s knowledge management is personal, effective, practical and manageable;
  6. Duthler Academy provides companies and their staff a service desk, offers a set of role-driven education and training programs for organising general business activities and company-specific programs for organising specific business activities, and Duthler Associates’ professionals support companies on demand;
  7. Companies will use the best learning management system in the market for the lowest price; and
  8. A company manages its own set-up of the company-specific learning environment preserving the company’s identity.


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