How do I get it?

Company-Specific Learning Environment


Register your organisation on the MYOBI Trust Network. Registration is free of charge. MYOBI and Duthler Academy only charge costs if the company uses trust and knowledge services from a certain purchase.

What is the importance of MYOBI?

MYOBI manages the Trust Network and recognises that its services require role-driven education and training programs to support the users. In a company/user registration process, a company’s environment on the MYOBI Trust Network and a company-specific learning environment with the education and training program Trust Network and Accountability’ are created.

What is the importance of Duthler Academy?

In a company-specific learning environment, a company processes many personal data, including special sensitive data. Duthler Academy must enable its users to protect its employees and students’ personal data with appropriate and effective management and security measures.

Duthler Academy has taken protective measures by design in the company-specific learning environments and is a MYOBI Trust Network user. By using the Trust Network, Duthler Academy knows that all its users and employees subscribe to the TTP policy and account for compliance with this policy’s obligations. The users of the company-specific learning environment also need this assurance.


We are happy to demonstrate the learning environment to you or to discuss additional requirements and wishes with you. Please contact sales.