Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of a company-specific learning environment?

Organising business activities effectively requires the necessary efforts from employees. These efforts are not one-offs but require continuous attention as legal and contractual obligations change, the organization of business activities change and the competition with better products and services come onto the market.

With the help of role-driven education and training portfolios, Duthler Academy offers an organisation not only the knowledge but also the logistics to train the employee at the right time with the right awareness and knowledge development with the aim of successfully achieving the intended changes in the organisation of business activities. to be able to perform. Read more about the benefits here.

How do I get my company-specific learning environment?

During the registration process of a company / user, not only an environment is created on MYOBI, but also a company-specific learning environment with the portfolio trust network.

In a company-specific learning environment, a company processes a lot of special personal data. Duthler Academy must enable the company to protect employees’ personal data effectively and in accordance with legal obligations. The processing of personal data under the policy of MYOBI Trust Network offers Duthler Academy and its customers certainty about the reliable processing of personal data through the company-specific learning environments.

It is logical that Duthler Academy provides the company-specific learning environment to companies by registering with and becoming a user of MYOBI Trust Network. How? You register your company as a user at MYOBI and you automatically have access to a company-specific learning environment.

What does it cost a company-specific learning environment?

For role-driven training and knowledge portfolio that MYOBI users purchase for services, no costs are payable for the supplied user licenses. If more user license is required, the following license tie applies.

What is the company-specific learning environment?

Duthler Academy creates company-specific learning environments for companies and institutions on its Learning Management System (LMS). The learning environment has a number of roles. Duthler Academy links a legal representative (the management) of the company to the role of the business administrator. The management can use the company administrator role to link people to the role of training manager or educationalist. The employees with management roles can manage the functional structure of an organization and department. In this organizational structure, the managers link the employees to roles of coordinators or employees.