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Three-day Training Protection of Personal Data

The three-day training course on protecting personal data guides you – for your most important business activities – through legislation, jurisprudence and decisions of regulators. The translation of obligations into organizational and technical measures is discussed. And on organizing “privacy by design” and “privacy by default”. The rights of those involved are then discussed: how do you implement this in your organisation?

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Duration: 3 days

Investment: € 2,399

What is the three-day training?

The ‘protection of personal data’ training is based on generic business activities (personnel management, purchasing and sales), takes trends and developments into account and monitors the costs and efforts for setting up a sufficiently resilient organization in the field of personal data protection and information security .

You can submit your company-specific case in the run-up to the training. We deal with the translation of obligations into appropriate organizational and technical measures and the organization of “privacy by design” and “privacy by default”.

Then the rights of the data subject are discussed, how do you work this out in your organization? Together we look at how you can integrate the legislation into your regular business activities and systems, what benefits this brings for people and for your company and how you can use it to take the next steps towards digital transformation.

A business situation has been described for this training, which will be sent to you in advance. If possible, your company-specific case has been incorporated. This business situation is a common thread during the training.

You get access to the learning environment of six modules and you keep this access for two years after the end of the training. After successfully completing the exams of the six modules, it is possible to start flying with the DPO Training Program. After the training, the participants receive a certificate of participation.

What is the program?

Day 1: legal framework, compliance and governance

  • Introduction / proposals from the participants and teachers, expectations of the training. Discussing a case that will be covered during the training
  • Formal legal framework: the AVG, sector-specific legislation, Wbni and the eIdas regulation
  • International developments
  • Governance and compliance, how do accountability and the facilitation of data subjects’ rights fit into this?

Day 2: accountability, investigations and codes of conduct

  • What role should the Data Protection Officer play in the organization and what requirements can be set?
  • How can an organization prepare for enforcement measures by the Dutch Data Protection Authority (DPA)?
  • DPIA and appropriate measures: setting up appropriate measures, controls and evaluations. Why is a DPIA more than a checklist?
  • Appropriate management and security measures, privacy by design & privacy by default. How can these principles be regulated within the business activities and processes?
  • What GDPR Codes of Conduct are there, what should I pay attention to in the context of compliance and accountability and which fits best within my business activities and processes?

Day 3: Rights of data subjects, incidents and data leaks

  • How can the business activities and processes be organized to enforce the rights of data subjects? An example and initiative from the healthcare sector: Medmij, the Personal Health Environment (PHE). How can other sectors and companies learn from this?
  • Discussing the fine on the basis of a case and a forensic investigation and claims.
  • Following complaints, the AP announces an investigation. How do you deal with the investigation and possible sanctions?
  • Discussion, summary and lessons learned.

How can I register?

After registration you will have direct access to six courses of the DPO Training Program in the learning environment of Duthler Academy. The total costs are €2,399 (excluding VAT and per person). Participants of the Center for Information Security and Privacy Protection (CIP) and The Hague Security Delta receive a 15% discount on the entire training offer. Contact our service desk. Private individuals and government institutions are exempt from VAT.

Do you have questions? Feel free to contact us.