Training Program Data Protection Officer

What is the DPO Training Program?

The Data Protection Officer (DPO) training program is a two-year post-graduate level training. In addition to theoretical knowledge, this training also offers this practical foundation that a DPO needs to be able to provide adequate data protection and privacy within his or her organization. Interested parties who would like to receive additional training or who would like to delve deeper into one or more components of this training are welcome to follow one or more courses.

After registration you will receive direct access to all 30 courses of the FG Training in the training portal of Duthler Academy. Here you can also register for the workshop of your choice.

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What is the purpose of the training?

The training can largely be followed in one’s own time, because the courses are offered in their own (company-specific) learning environment. Once a month you attend an (online) classroom workshops.

The training is divided into 30 different courses and four different clusters. Each course is concluded by successfully passing an exam. It is possible to follow the entire training or to follow one or more modules of your choice.

The clusters are:

  1. Privacy formal legal
  2. Governance & Compliance
  3. Operation of measures and mechanisms
  4. Assessment en audit

DPO Register

The Data Protection Officer (DPO) Register is the register of Duthler Academy. The Registry contains Prospective DPOs (PDPO) and Register DPOs (RDPO). Prospective DPOs follow the DPO Training Program and have passed exams in a minimum number of courses. Registered DPOs have successfully completed the DPO Training Program and follow the CE programme.

The DPO Register of Duthler Academy is a public register and therefore has a different character than the DPO Register of the Dutch Data Protection Authority, which keeps track of which DPOs are registered there.

Aspiring or Registered DPOs can also be lateral entrants who, for example, have previously taken an IAPP CIPP/E exam.

Conditions, study load & exemption

Following the FG Training is not without obligation. By this we mean that presence and commitment is required. We also consider curiosity and enthusiasm to be an absolute precondition. A specific previous education is not required, although the HBO and/or WO courses in law, public administration, business administration, ICT and accountancy/audit form a logical starting level.

The study load is about 600hours for the complete course. This includes monthly attendance at the workshops at one of our locations.

The Duthler Academy Examination Board can grant exemptions in individual cases from taking one or more exams. A request for exemption must contain supporting documents (e.g. diplomas). A request for exemption can be submitted to the Examination Board via the e-mail address:


After registration you will receive direct access to all 30 courses of the FG training in the learning environment of Duthler Academy. Here you can also register for the workshop of your choice.

The total costs for the module are € 500 (excluding VAT and per person). Participants of the Center for Information Security and Privacy Protection (CIP) and the The Hague Security Delta receive a 15% discount on the entire training offer. Please contact our service desk.

Private individuals and government institutions are exempt from VAT.

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Interview about the DPO Training Program

The privacy team of Amsterdam UMC (VUmc & AMC) attaches great importance to the privacy of its patients, employees and visitors.

Marcel van der Haagen, Data Protection Officer, talks about Amsterdam UMC’s approach to privacy and information security and his experiences with the DPO training of Duthler Academy.


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