The GDPR in an international perspective: Europe

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This module is part of course A3, ‘The Avg in an international perspective’. In this module we become acquainted with the European aspects of privacy legislation. The GDPR is the provisional final piece of a development in European data protection. We follow the trail on the basis of topics such as ‘coordination’, ‘supervision’ and ‘exchange between member states’. We will also encounter similar topics from the GDPR in treaties such as the 1950 European Convention on Human Rights and the 1981 Strasbourg Convention.

An important part of this module “European aspects” is devoted to the coherence and distinction between the Strasbourg Convention, originating from the Council of Europe, and EU regulations such as the Directive and the GDPR. In the workshop, the relationship between the two systems is discussed in more detail.

The module also discusses how supervision is regulated at European level and how this will change as a result of the GDPR. The cooperation between the national supervisors in the Article 29 Working Group will be explained. Furthermore, appeals to the European Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights are treated on the basis of a number of recent judgments.


The total costs for the module are € 500 (excluding VAT and per person).

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