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Overview and insight into responsibilities

The controller must have an overview and insight into everything for which he is responsible and liable. The GDPR even obliges this. The duty to report that the controller must comply with without delay requires that the controller has properly prepared. This means that not only the processing must be documented, but even more that insight will arise into processes, information systems, corporate family, data storage, security and transport systems. To this end, it is important that the controller maintains a privacy administration, supported by good processes, such that the administration is documented by irrefutable evidence and evidence-based compliance. Participants gain insight into the importance of setting up and maintaining an adequate privacy administration in order to comply with the documentation obligation, provide insight into the technical security obligation and be prepared for the notification obligation.

Teacher: André Biesheuvel

Start: n.n.a.

Duration: part of the day (10:00 to 14:00)

Investment: €500, – excl. VAT


Module C1 is a module that will provide the student with insight into the documentation obligation and the PSA required for this. It must be kept track of which processing takes place, a data breach register, the corporate family and administration for the contracts. In addition, under the AVG, the Responsible Party must be able to demonstrate that the organization complies with the regulation, an important role for Privacy & Security Accounting (PSA) will play in this. In other words, the impact of the effective operation of the administrative organization and internal control measures is recorded in the PSA. This creates an overview and insight into the responsibilities and liabilities of the organization arising from legislation and regulations in the field of data protection and privacy. The PSA is a necessary condition for limiting liability and expense risks.

Obligations associated with this part

To fulfill the obligations under this section, you must:

  • Make a diagnostic test, in preparation for the subject matter to be followed;
  • Take a diagnostic test after the self-study, which must be completed with a pass. This is a condition for participation in the workshop;
  • To be present during the workshop;
  • A final exam with a passing mark.

Signpost components of e-Learning

The online learning environment is set up in such a way that it will automatically keep track of which tests you have already completed and which parts still need to be completed. The check marks will not be included in assessments

Study load

The self-study takes about 16 hours, the workshop takes about 4 hours and the final exam takes about 2 hours.

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