Introduction CATS CM Method

499 Exclusive of VAT

Contract management is an important part of legal operations. In this module, the participant is introduced to the CATS model of CM Partners. Cats CM’s methodical approach to contract management ties in seamlessly with the integral approach of the organization of legal operations. Participants are required to use the CATS CM (2014 edition). This book is included in the training.

  • The main definitions of contract management
  • Why contract management?
  • Factors for successful contract management
  • The CATS CM® method
  • Pillar 1: The Agreed Performance and All Other Contract Agreements
  • Pillar 2: The roles
  • Pillar 3: The Contract Management (CM) Essentials
  • Pillar 4: The contract management process and determining contract management scenarios
  • Implementation and positioning of contract management

After this module, the participants can take the first steps to manage contract execution within the organization efficiently and effectively.