From Assessments to Auditing

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This module consists of an introductory text followed by the various digital learning activities. The compulsory and recommended literature is included under “Literature”. The “how question” concerns a further elaboration of Auditing in the Privacy & Security Accounting (PSA) methodology.

Insight is given into the meaning of being able to determine the effective operation of automated processes. From the International Standards for Accountants a connection is made with the role of the Accountant / Auditor.

A link is made to the ingredients from the training, which all contribute to the controller taking responsibility. Based on the existing procedure for issuing a declaration for service processes by a service organization in the ISAE 3402 type 2 statement, we bridge the gap to the way in which the controller himself can demonstrate his Accountability in his ‘Declaration of Accountability’ for his organization. . The trajectory from “Notion of Accountability” to “Declaration of Accountability”.



  • Introduction;
  • Accounting standards;
  • Making the Controller accountable;
  • AO / IC level 3 control scope;
  • Control & Evidence; and
  • System of GAAGNs.


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(Online) Start:

  • June 23, 2021.

The self-study takes about 16 hours, the workshop takes about 4 hours and the final exam takes about 2 hours.


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