DPIA, practical application

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This module focuses in particular on the practical implementation of the DPIA. Then deepening the DPIA life cycle management and embedding the DPIA in business operations. Handling a practical case for performing a DPIA.

This module discusses trends and developments and examines the structural embedding of the DPIA in business operations. Topics covered are the integration with Risk and Compliance Management and the use of data analysis and process mining.

We then practice a practical case for performing a DPIA.



  • The challenge
  • Embedding DPIA
  • Monitoring for Continuous improvement
  • Applications of DPIA


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(Online) Start:

  • June 17, 2021.

The self-study takes about 16 hours, the workshop takes about 4 hours and the final exam takes about 2 hours.


The total costs for the module are € 500 (excluding VAT and per person).

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