Data portability

500 Exclusive of VAT

When personal data are processed electronically and in a structured and commonly used format, the data subject has the right to obtain a copy from the controller. The data subject also has the right to transfer his personal data and all other information that he has provided and is kept by the controller in a commonly used electronic format to another automated processing system, without being hindered in doing so. It is a right to take into account when purchasing and developing information systems. After all, it is not always technically possible to enforce this right in advance. Participants in this module know which requirements they must take into account in order to have the right of data subjects to request and take their data with them.

They can also formulate the requirements for the structure of the recording of personal data in such a way that it is possible to implement the right of data subjects to data portability. Participants can draw up a “data portability policy” for their own organization.


The total costs for the module are € 500 (excluding VAT and per person).

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Private individuals and government institutions are exempt from VAT.