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Training Programs


  • Current affairs Protection of Personal Data
  • GDPR and HRM
  • General introduction to law
  • Intervision for DPOs

Formal legal:

  • Overview of current privacy legislation
  • The GDPR, the new privacy rules
  • Overview of legislation on security and identity management
  • The GDPR in an international perspective: Europe
  • The GDPR in an international perspective: transfer to third countries
  • Privacy and related legislation

Governance & Compliance

  • The DPO: position, duties, powers and responsibilities
  • Privacy policy: policy framework, standards framework and privacy policy
  • Internal and External Privacy Policy
  • Governance and compliance: legislation in a broader perspective
  • Governance and compliance: further elaborated
  • Be prepared for a data breach
  • How can and should I act after a data breach

Operation of measures and mechanisms

  • Overview and insight into responsibilities
  • Transparency and enforcement of data subject rights
  • Information security, the basis for privacy protection
  • Information security, floor
  • Lifecycle data protection management
  • Architectures and starting points
  • Models and Attribute Based Credentials
  • Setting up an appointment complex
  • Privacy by design and privacy by default
  • Retention period
  • Data portability
  • Profiling

Assessments & Audits

  • Accounting
  • DPIA, theoretical framework
  • DPIA, practical application
  • From assessments to auditing