Company-specific learning environment

The most complete learning platform for organisations.

What is it?

Duthler Academy provides logistics for companies as part of knowledge development and awareness raising if desired. It does this by making a company-specific learning environment available, which includes role-driven education and training programs. A company can manage and organize this company-specific learning environment itself, whereby the identity – for example through the use of logos or its own company style – is visible in the learning environment.

In an education or training program we distinguish different related roles, each with their own required level of knowledge. Going through a program aims to increase awareness and knowledge development among employees with their own roles in coherence and step by step. This creates a desire among employees to acquire knowledge for the successful implementation of changes.

With the help of the education and training program in the company-specific learning environment, a company organizes its business activities more effectively and efficiently.

Manage logistics learning environment

Duthler Academy creates on its Learning Management System (LMS), based on Moodle Workplace, company-specific learning environments (tenants). Duthler Academy assigns the company’s legal representer (the management) to the tenant admin’s role.

In the company’s learning environment, the tenant admin appoints employees to roles. For example, the tenant admin assigns a company’s manager to the role of training manager. The training manager links employees up to the role of educationalist, training coordinator or staff. The training manager manages the company’s functional hierarchal structure of organisation units, departments and roles.

An employee of a limited size company will fulfill multiple roles.

Protecting personal data

Employees manage their personal data in the company-specific learning environment. Personal data consists of identification data and data concerning the development of awareness-raising and knowledge building. The categories of this data can be classified as extraordinary and sensitive.

Duthler Academy has taken appropriate and adequate security measures to protect the personal data. Partly the measurements are by design operational in the learning environments. Also, Duthler Academy makes users, particularly the company’s management, aware of data protection and offers training to handle the data in the learning environment with care.

A far-reaching management measure is the use of MYOBI Trust Network services. By using this network, Duthler Academy knows that all users of company-specific learning environments and their employees have subscribed to the TTP policy and periodically account for personal data processing.

Management of role-driven programs

Duthler Academy, in collaboration with professionals and teachers, develops and manages role-driven education and training program. With these programs’ help, the company can, for business-specific activities, organise awareness raising and knowledge building for its employees.

Duthler Academy maintains several role-driven education and training programs for generic business activities. The company can purchase a license for its company-specific business activities and develop its own role-driven education and training programs.

Duthler Academy encourages companies’ management and employees to use their company-specific learning environment, raise awareness, build knowledge with role-driven education and training programs, manage effective logistics, and process personal data responsibly.

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