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Awareness Training

What is it?

Duthler Academy provides companies with a privacy and information security awareness program for the workplace. The aim of the program is to achieve a coherent knowledge increase for the departmental team. Using the knowledge base level, an employee can estimate the importance for the organization, and in particular the department, of applying control measures in the field of privacy and information security.

The approach is aimed at preserving the level of knowledge at all times and giving current and new employees the opportunity to further expand their knowledge level.

Initiating awareness

The basic program ‘privacy and information security’ informs all employees of a company about the usefulness and necessity of protecting (personal) data.

The aim of the program is to increase the intrinsic motivation of employees. This makes the employee aware of privacy and information security and challenges them to gain more knowledge.

The program is necessary for all employees because every employee in a company or institution has to deal with the processing of personal data in one way or another, from customers and/or colleagues.

Expanding awareness

With the help of the basic program ‘privacy and information security’, the company management lays down a basic level of knowledge for the employees of an organization.

Employees broaden their level of knowledge in the field of ‘privacy and information security’. By measuring the level of knowledge, management can make adjustments and, if desired, expand the level of knowledge with the help of courses from programs.

Learning environment

  • Own corporate identity, for example logo and colors
  • Manage, add and remove users (employees)
  • Scalable to larger or smaller numbers
  • Expand to other areas of expertise, departments and business processes


  • An up-to-date and comprehensive content library
  • Easily compose and develop training programs
  • Insight into user progress and results

Service desk and support

  • Management and Support
  • Knowledge programs
  • Engaging professionals